Nyree is a Singer / Songwriter whose soulful approach is evident in her eclectic retro pop album "International Girl"  

Nyree has nicknamed her debut album, her ‘tapas’ album - perceived perhaps as small appetisers infused with essences of different musical tastes and cultures. Born in the UK and widely travelled, Nyree has a strong sense of other cultures and speaks several languages. Her name reflects her roots - ‘Nyree’ is the ancient name for Armenia.

International Girl reveals a retro feel of the 60s, 70s and 80s.  The single, Brighter Shade Of Love is clearly paying homage to classic soul.

Nyree’s favourite artists are all about the voice. She cites 'all the Michaels’ : McDonald, Jackson and George as the voices she loves as well as Karen Carpenter, Tracy Chapman and Roberta Flack. Her Love for great voices is matched by an enthusiasm for popular music from Beethoven to Britney; Chopin to Chic.

International Girl's creation is as avant-garde as her musical tastes and while mostly recorded in London, tracks were also laid in Paris, Miami and the Caribbean.

The soul groover of  "Brighter Shade Of Love" is the first single from the album.

"I sing about idyllic love, perfection... About looking at a masterpiece and hoping that the person within the painting will actually become real, a bit like Pygmalion. I think we all want to believe in that perfect love"

‘A timeless 80s jazz soul feel … so relevant in the contemporary 2017 climate’

- The Soul Survivors Magazine

‘New soul sensation Nyree truly is the quintessential 'international girl' in every sense.

The Blues And Soul Magazine

‘We thought you sounded a bit like Teena Marie in places on your album: Is she an inspiration of yours?

- Echoes